We specialize in the assessment and development of learning receptiveness skills to ensure optimum academic achievement.

Optimum achievement is a result of aptitude + skill + attitude. For example: a learner may have a very high aptitude in mathematics, but due to underdeveloped learning skills and a negative attitude toward mathematics, he/she never achieves high marks for maths.

o   Achievement = 15% aptitude + 85% attitude and skill

Assessment Process

Learning Receptiveness Skills – The test is specifically designed to determine which learning receptiveness skills have been developed, and which are underdeveloped. These include mnemonic thinking, creativity, reading, listening, text book and examination skills.

Learning Skills Development

The learning skills development programme consists of two phases.

o   First Phase – Subject Didactic  20 hours
Learning skills such as reading, listening, note-taking, goal setting, time management, summaries, keyword extraction, concentration, examination writing, memory systems, study skills etc. are developed. The programme is presented using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic teaching methods to ensure complete and integrated development, which is a necessity in the understanding of Mathematics, especially in Geometry.

o   Second Phase – Subject Didactic Application 12 hours
This phase is presented over twelve hours to establish a habit of using the correct learning skills. Learners are assisted with the application of the techniques on their homework and studies.